Shawn Woods - Mouse Trap Monday

Watch all our our Mouse trap Monday reviews with Shawn Woods below. Over the years Shawn has tested many different variation of both our A24 and A18 traps. In this collection you'll get a complete feel for the traps success, efficiency and some easy start-up tips from Shawn himself.

If you're new to the A24, this collection of reviews provide some excellent information that you may find useful and if you're already a user of our automatic traps, you'll see some great action footage of the traps at work. Whatever your degree of experience with the A24 and A18, this collection has something for you.

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Mouse Trap Monday | The A18 Squirrel Trap Is Now Available In The United States

Shawn receives one of the fist A18 squirrel trapping kits available in America to review for the public. Shawn looks to be having a lot of fun going over over how the A18 works and using a special see-through trap model which clearly shows the mechanics behind the A18 and A24 traps. As always he shows how the trap is setup and what the current (Aug 2023) A18 kit comes with.

"Oh-man that is so powerful, wow!"

You'll also see for the first time what exactly the CO2 powered strike hammer does to a real squirrel skull. This demonstration clearly shows why the A18 is so effective with every strike.

Published: Apr 28th 2023

Mouse Trap Monday | The A24 SMART Rat & Mouse Trap. High Tech and Lethal

Shawn get's early access to the revolutionary A24 Smart Trapping Kit and tests it out as part of his famous "Mouse Trap Monday" YouTube series.

"The A24 system is one of the most sophisticated, high-tech and powerful traps on the market... if you like the best-of-the-best, the A24 is the trap for you!"

In this review, you'll see instructions for how to setup your A24 and get a glimpse of how the trap functions with the new smart features and Bluetooth connectivity through the Goodnature app available for Iphone and android.

Published: Oct 31st 2022

Mouse Trap Monday | A Rat & Squirrel Killing Machine. The CO2 Gas Powered A24 Trap In Action

This is Shawn's original A24 review, re-posted with some rat-kill footage edited out to comply with the hosting site's user upload policies. Here, you'll find Shawn's first reaction to the A24 and clear installation instructions on how to set up the trap. The A24 trapping kit has since been updated to include different components, better serving first time A24 buyers but the A24 itself is the same impressive device you'll see in action here.

"I'm really excited to show you one of the most impressive traps I've EVER seen!"

Although the A24 is designed for rats and mice, in this video you'll see how it can be used to target other rodents like small squirrels with the same lethality.

Re-Published: Aug 19th 2022

Mouse Trap Monday | A24 CO2 Pro Trapping Kit VS Rats In The Barn

Shawn takes the A24 Professional tracking kit on in this episode of his Mouse Trap Monday" series. Watch Shawn give the A24 another rave review, this time focusing on the A24 trap box setup. In this video you can also see how hawks and other wildlife can safely take a free meal without worrying about secondary poisoning with Goodnature's toxin-free rodent attractants pulling rats into the A24.

"One of the most powerful traps on the market!"

Please see our videos page for some of the kill footage Shawn mentions in this video.

Published: Sep 14th 2020.

Mouse Trap Monday | The A18 Squirrel Destroyer - A Powerful & Effective CO2 Squirrel Trap

In this review Shawn give the original A18 kit a trial run. Watch Shawn make use of the A18 to feed his opossum's some fresh squirrel meat!

"If you're dealing with an on-going problem with squirrels and looking for a lethal trap that is low maintenance, The A18 is a great option for you"

At the time of recording, the A18 was not available in America and the kit shown is no longer available, however, the A18 in it's new kit itteration is now available with the same lethality described in this video. Please see Shawn's most recent A18 (posted above) for more up-to-date information on the A18.

Published: Apr 4th 2019

Mouse Trap Monday | The CO2 Powered A24 Mousetrap by Goodnature from Automatic Trap Company

Watch Shawn Give the A24 his first try as part of his "Mouse Trap Monday" Series. This review also contains instructions on how the trap functions and how to set it up as well as Shawn's thoughts on the trap itself.

"This A24 is an incredibly effective rodent trap!"

For more up-to-date information on the A24, please see Shawn's more recent reviews, posted above.

Published: Mar 19th, 2018.

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