It All Starts With Your Lure

Like any good trap, it all starts with your lure. If the attractant inside your trap doesn't smell fresh, you won't drum up any interest, no matter how good the trap is. We provide specialized long-lasting attractants in our 50g paste pumps that automatically dispense our tried and tested attractants over a period of six months. Because our pumps are constantly pushing out the fresh attractant, it means the trap is always getting attention from your targeted pests.

Pick an Attractant

The Mechanics Behind the A24

Introducing the revolutionary A24, the ultimate solution to all your rodent problems. Our CO2-powered self-resetting trap is designed to instantly and automatically self-reset. It uses pressurized CO2 canisters in our strike chamber to ensure your trap goes live in a flash as soon as the CO2 is connected. With its easy entrance, curious rodents are easily lured inside, and once they are in, the entrance centers perfectly on the rodent's skull or spine for a single, powerful strike that renders them irreversibly unconscious. Order your A24 trap today and say goodbye to pesky rodents for good!

Choose Your Kit
  • Sniff - Sniff

    the rodent enters the A24 through the chamber at the bottom of the trap.

  • Kapow!

    Enticed by the attractant, the rodent sticks its head up causing the trigger to trip and fire a pneumatic striker powered by CO2 instantly dispatching the rodent.

  • Auto - reset

    Seconds after this, the A24 resets and is ready for the next rodent

  • Counting Options

    Select from our many counting options to insure you are tracking in a manner that satisfies your unique needs.

  • Constant Control

    Attractant continues to attract new rodents for constant functionality and control.

  • Scavenged

    Scavengers forage the dead carcasses from below the trap without risk of secondary poisoning