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I already know I have rats. Why should I use the Lure Tasters?

Lure Tasters will show you the best place to put your A24 trap, i.e. places where rats feel safe to eat. Watch our great Video about how to use these cards to maximize the effectiveness of your trap.

Is the A24 EPA registered? Are there any restrictions on it use?

It is an EPA registered device. Because it is completely non-toxic, there are no regularity restrictions on its use in the USA.

I set my A24 by a compost bin or food source but I’m still seeing rats.

Food-rich areas are complex rat trapping sites and may require extra effort to achieve success. Locations where you see rats or signs of rats are not necessarily spots where they will trigger the trap. Use Lure Taster Cards to determine the best place to set a trap. You may have to disrupt the rats’ routine by moving or reducing access to the food-rich source, if possible, forcing them to look elsewhere for food.

What happens if a child puts their hand into the trap ?

In 10 years and tens of thousands of deployed traps it has never been reported; it would be very difficult to do. When installed, the A24 is only 5 inches above the ground. This would be a feat of contortion to get a hand into a trap. That said, if it did happen the hand would receive a blow greater than a mouse snap trap and less then a rat snap trap.are likely to remove dead rats and mice from below the trap.

Is the A24 a danger to native birds?

When installed at the recommended 12cm off the ground or using a trap stand (Home Trapping Kit) the A24 is difficult for a bird to enter. If you are concerned about your local bird population, try mounting the trap with A24 Tree Mounts and installing an A24 Blocker.

Is the A24 trap a danger to pet cats?

Goodnature’s long life rodent lure is not attractive to cats. The shroud entrance is also too narrow for a cat to fit its head into, and the trap is installed 12cm off the ground or with the A24 Trap Stand (Home Trapping Kit) to further prevent a cat interrogating the trap. It is extremely unlikely that a cat will trigger an A24 rat trap. Neighbourhood cats, however, are likely to remove dead rats and mice from below the trap.

How many A24 rat traps should I get for my land area?

The general rule of thumb is two per hectare (spaced 50m apart). If you have a large area for conservation or a complex site such as an orchard, then call us.

Are squirrels attracted to the A24 Automatic Rat and Mouse trap?

The paste is designed for Rats and Mice, and the proper placement is not ideal for squirrels. If you want to trap squirrels check A 18

Test fire an A24 Rat & Mouse Trap safely

To test fire an A24 trap, ensure that the trap is either on the tree mount or on a trap stand.

For safety: Do not test fire the trap while holding a trap in your hand. When fired, the force of the traps striker is strong and is unsafe to hold.

1. Remove the black cap from the trap by unscrewing it from the top.

2. From above the trap, use a pen or stick to push the wire trigger to one side.

If there is gas in the trap the striker will be triggered. If nothing happens all gas has been flushed out and the trap is safe to move.

Counting Options

Digital Strike Counter

My Counter shows a number, but I haven’t seen anything dead. 

We get this question a lot. scavenging is really common – even if you don’t expect it. Pigs, dogs and cats commonly scavenge dead possums.

How long does the battery last?

The battery should last for up to 5 years. The device spends most of its time sleeping as it only uses power when the trap strikes or when you check the tally.

What to do when the battery dies?

When your Counter’s battery dies, send it into Goodnature to be refurbished. NOTE: opening the Counter casing voids the warranty.

My Counter still shows ’00’, why is that?

There could be a number of reasons for this. You could be accidentally zeroing the Counter when you check the tally because you”re holding the button down too long (see ‘CHECKING THE COUNTER’ in the Quick Start Guide).

Other reasons could be that you haven’t followed our tree selection and setup instructions (see Pages 5 and 7) or if you have done, perhaps you haven’t observed our maintenance instructions for keeping the lure refreshed and/or replacing the gas every 6 months (see ‘SHIFTING YOUR TRAPS’ in the Quick Start Guide).

Can a rat or possum set the Counter off any other way?

This is unlikely, as the Counter is calibrated to tick over when there’s a strong jolt such as the trap firing.

How do I put the Counter onto the trap? 

See Step 5 of’SETTING YOUR TRAPS’ in theQuick Start Guide.

What happens when the Counter gets to 99? 

Firstly, you celebrate the success of constant control with your family
and friends and then you zero the Counter because it stops counting once it gets to 99.

How many pests can I expect to kill?

Every location will be different. Possum movements and populations vary throughout the year. Provided the trap is properly maintained (see yourQuick Start Guide) and located, it will always be ready and waiting as a constant control. You can relocate the trap periodically (see yourQuick Start Guide) or grow your trap network to control a greater area.

Why is my Counter showing kills on it when I’ve got it out of the box? 

The Counter is set off by jolts and jolts are something that happen
while your Goodnature Counter is making its way from us to you. See yourQuick Start Guide on how to zero your Counter.

Will the target pests interact with the Counter? 

Yes, sometimes they might. Rats on occasion can gnaw the plastic of the counter (and the trap) and sometimes possums might work the counter off the canister while climbing over the trap trying to find how to get to the delicious lure.

How do I get the Counter off the canister? 

See the ‘DE-COUPLING’ section on ‘SHIFTING YOUR TRAP’ in yourQuick Start Guide.