A24 Rat and Mouse Trap

Introducing the revolutionary A24 trap - the ultimate solution for the modern and responsible pest control enthusiast! With the A24, you'll experience unparalleled efficiency, automation, and eco-friendliness, all in one convenient and deadly package.

The secret to the A24's success lies in it's innovative use of pressurized CO2. With each 16g CO2 canister, you'll enjoy an impressive 24 consecutive, self-resetting strikes, making the A24 the ultimate set-it-and-forget-it trap.

So how does it work? It's simple, just connect your canister and let the A24 do the rest. As soon as a rodent makes an attempt to get to your carefully selected attractant, the A24's feather-light trigger is activated, releasing the pressurized CO2 onto the hammer. This delivers an accurate and efficient strike to the rodent's skull or spine, rendering the entrant irreversibly unconscious and incapable of causing any further damage to your home or property.
The A24 comes in many configurations with multiple mounting and counting options, you'll have the freedom to pick the configuration that works best for you.

With 100% testing accuracy and effectiveness, the A24 is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to take control of their pest problem while also minimizing their impact on the environment. So why wait? Get your hands on the A24 today and experience the ultimate in pest control innovation!

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A18 Grey Squirrel Trap

Looking for a solution to manage rodents that are a bit too large for the A24? Look no further than the A18 - the ultimate tool for tackling those tougher pest problems with ease.

Featuring a larger entry access point with guidelines for better targeting, the A18 is perfect for handling larger rodents like grey squirrels. Now with its compact design and powerful 16g CO2 canister, the A18 delivers an impressive 18 automatic, self-resetting strikes, making it the perfect choice for those thicker skulls that need a little more crushing force.

Ideal for outdoor use but suitable for any environment where larger rodents are a concern, the A18 is designed to function in the exact same way as the A24 - delivering safe, effective, and ecologically friendly traps that help you take back your time and save money in the long run by protecting your home and property.

Don't hesitate in and upgrade your pest control game today with the A18 and experience the ultimate in rodent management technology!

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