Automatic Trap Company is pleased to present the self-resetting and easy-to-install A24 trap; a remarkably simple, lightweight design engineered to kill two dozen rodents without toxins, electricity, maltreatment, or assistance from you.


Arm your home, yard or business with Goodnature’s humane, self-resetting A24 traps and start living pest-free. Targeting rats and mice, the weatherproof trap kills up to 24 rodents without toxins or electricity, automatically resetting itself after each CO2-powered shot so you don’t have to. Simply mount it, sit back, and then toss the remains (or, if installed outdoors, let scavengers do that for you.) Available exclusively at in U.S. and Canada.

Timelapse of one night of A24 operation


A24 Automatic Mouse Trap

  • Self-Resetting CO2-Powered Shot: the rodent triggers a spring-loaded striker as soon as it approaches the lure, killing it instantly. No electricity, no toxins, no assistance from you.
  • Digital Strike Counter: when scavengers inevitably scoop up the remains, you’ll want evidence of the trap’s success. This waterproof tracker slides onto the CO2 canister and tallies up to 99 kills using its 5-year battery life.
  • Small, Lightweight, and Durable: these waterproof traps will last years in remote wilderness as well as the most extreme temperature and weather conditions, yet one person can easily carry 30 on their back.
  • Multi-award winning design: labor-minimizing and super easy to install, mount it onto any wooden surface with only two screws.



A24 Rat & Mouse Trap

automatic resetting

Automatic Self-Resetting
No need to constantly check and reset the trap. Ingenious design that kills 24 rats or mice in a row.

easy to install

Easy to Install
Installation takes less than a minute. Mounting screws, CO2 gas canister and lure are all in the box.

long life lures

Long Life Lures
Specially formulated by bio-attactant specialists. A lure bottle last 6 months and only requires checking monthly.


Safe Around Pets
Dogs and cats do not activate the trap.

toxin free

Toxin Free
The lure and the trap itself are completely toxin free.


Certified Humane – mice and rats are always killed instantly.