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A24 Professional Trapping Kit

A24 Professional Trapping Kit

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Our Smart Trap Kit is so intelligent it takes care of itself - and your rodent problem - while keeping you in the loop.

The trap resets and refills itself, so it's irresistible - and deadly - to every rodent that comes sniffing. It also connects to your smartphone, making it dead easy to track your kills, traps, power and lure levels. Make archaic traps and toxic bait a thing of the past, and take care of your rodent problem the smart way.


No One-Hit Wonders
All our traps use CO₂ to self-reset for years so they’re always ready.

No Cheap Junk
All our traps are made in New Zealand from tough weatherproof materials.

No Unfinished Business
All our traps are A-Class Humane, getting the job done swiftly and cleanly.

Toxic Side-Effects
all our traps are 100% toxin-free and safe to use around kids and pets.

Trap Securely
keep it out of sight and reach with the Trap Box, or screw it down with the Trap Mount.

Always Irresistible
Included Automatic Paste Pumps give you 12 months of self-dispensing deliciousness.

Refill Reminders
Get a nudge on your smartphone when your CO₂, lure or battery levels are running

Kill Count
Track what you’ve killed and when you’ve killed it, all from your smartphone.

What's in the box

  • 1 x A24 Trap
  • 1 x Smart Cap
  • 1 x Trap Mount
  • 1 x DIY Lure Basket
  • 1 x Trap Box
  • 2 x Trap Box Key
  • 2 x 16g CO2 Canisters
  • 2 x 50g Automatic Paste Pumps

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