CO₂ Canisters For Goodnature A24

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Containing 16-grams of compressed CO2, Goodnature canisters provide the power for your traps.

Bulk-buy 30 canisters for great value and to keep your traps primed and ready for constant control.

Goodnature traps must use Goodnature’s CO2 canisters because they are guaranteed to be the highest quality and not damage your traps. 

Each COcanister is good for 24 strikes or replace after 6 months with your lure to ensure your trap is fresh and ready to go. Our Replenishment Packs offer the lure of your choice as well as two CO2 canisters and Lure Tasters.

Goodnature CO2 Canister



  • 16-gram CO2 canisters
  • Up to 6 months of trapping per canister
  • Non-flammable
  • Single-use
  • Recyclable steel


It is advised that you only use Goodnature® Co2 16-gram canisters when deploying your traps. There are several reasons behind this, as demonstrated below:

  • Goodnature CO2 canisters use dry silicone which lubricates and seals the regulator to ensure your trap will last longer.
  • Our COcanisters are sourced from Taiwan and are guaranteed to contain no petrochemical residues from factory machinery. Petrochemical residues cause the rubber seals of your trap to perish more quickly.
  • Our CO2 canisters are built extra rugged, to prevent corrosion in the field with a gold passivate coating.
  • Our COcanisters are quality checked upon arrival to ensure all of the threads on our canisters fit properly for their purpose.
  • Lastly, using non-Goodnature Co2 canisters voids your warranty, as we can't be expected to be responsible for Co2 canisters that we have not quality assured.
Goodnature CO2 Canister