Goodnature A24 Reviews - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

October 03, 2019 7 min read

Much like the watercooler or barbershop of yesteryear, reviews are the word of mouth engine that helps instill authority, trust, and value when purchasing, especially online! That's why buying from a company of strangers can feel somewhat anxious without someone vouching for their credibility first. We understand this dilemma, we shop online too and value positive reviews just like any other consumer. We know what a 5-star purchase experience feels like and it is our mission to provide every customer with this experience.

See, our product isn't like a toaster. You can't simply plug it in, kick back, and expect the rodents to pile up — no, the A24 automatic trap more is like a fishing rod. Even the best fishing gear in the world still requires attention to detail, know-how, and patience. Trapping simply isn't an exact science. When using any trap, it is important to remain pragmatic and follow the setup instructions exactly.

We wanted to take a look at some of our reviews from Amazonand Trustpilot the Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and address some simple trapping tips for issues that some have run into, as well as showcasing the success that customers have had with our trap.


Complete waste of money. Steer clear.
I was extremely disappointed with this. Rats were not attracted to the bait. Huge waste of money. I would never buy from this company again.
1-star review
Trustpilot Review

It’s important to know a little bit about how rats work when it comes to their food source. They are very intelligent animals with an excellent sense of smell. They can analyze the nutritional content of food determining fat, protein and carbohydrate composition.

Rats can take time to trust a new food source. When they encounter new food, they taste a small amount and then go away to see if it makes them feel sick. They repeat this process until they’ve decided the new food source can be trusted.

Once they determine if the food source is safe, it may still take some effort to get them to try something new. It’s a bit like when you want fish ‘n’ chips on a Friday night… you’re going to go past the burger bar and the pizza restaurant.

Revolutionary, automatic, and toxin-free rat and mouse control for your home or business.

Rats are also very social creatures. They touch noses together when they meet and in doing so they use that excellent smell sense to see what their companion has been eating lately. If it seems rats are not attracted to the bait in your trap, the first thing to determine is if there is another readily available food source. If you use a compost bin, the bin should be moved to a sealed container and stored elsewhere for 3 weeks. It may take that long for rats to decide they need to search for new food.

compost bin

If there is seasonal food available like falling fruit from trees, it may be a challenge to trap until the fruit is gone. As long as your Goodnature A24 Trap is in place, they will have a source to go to when the current food source is no longer available.

If there is chicken feed or animal feed in the area, it should be stored in rodent-proof containers and food that is left on the ground or outside the chicken coop should be swept up whenever possible. Any cat or dog food should be kept inside only, or immediately moved once outdoor pets are finished eating. All trash cans should also have secure lids.


Best trap ever!
This is the best trap I have ever purchased and used. Our farm house was overrun with little fuzzy critters. After the trap was installed we're down to zero in our house. We might have to get rid of the cat because she doesn't have a job now. =) We plan on getting a few for our barn.
5-star review
Trustpilot Review


Not as good as it says.
Sadly we've had this set up for 2 months and not ONE kill!!! And we have a ton of rats, very disappointed in this product!!
1-star review
Amazon Review

It’s important to recognize that trapping isn't an exact science, and rats and mice can be notoriously hard to catch. Finding the right combination of lure, trap placement, and eliminating other food sources can be more crucial to your success than even the trap itself.

Here are some important steps to take:

Remember, a rat lives in a dangerous world and will only investigate a new food source when they feel safe to do so. It’s an absolute must to use your Goodnature™ Lure Tasters to detect the best place to put your trap — not (as some people think) to detect whether or not you have rats!

rodent detector cards

Use Goodnature™ 200g Chocolate Formula and Nut Butter Formula lure for rats to pre-feed the site. Put up to a dozen pea-sized dabs of lure at ground level around your trapping site. This helps to sign post the new food source. The knowledge of the new food source causes the rats to search for it…and that’s when they’ll find it in your Goodnature™ A24s.

Be sure to follow your trap’s installation guide to properly mount your trap. The trap must be properly secured and be mounted at the correct height for rodents to enter.

Great design, great advice on locating a spot.
I followed the instructions for finding a spot. Did it and finally placed it. And nothing for 2 weeks! I was puzzled but noticed the neighbors fruit tree was not bearing fruit. But other trees around other areas were. I figured when the fruit is in Ill start getting hits. That said one night my wife and I were sitting around the backyard campfire and we heard some critter noise in the hedge, then snap, thunk and some twitching. It was the first kill and we witnessed it. I love this thing!
5-star review
Amazon Review


Very disappointed in this product. Did not work! Please don’t waste your money, way too expensive for no results.
1-star review
Amazon Review

The Goodnature A24 has been proven to be an effective trapping device for rats and mice. However, successful trapping takes patience. If you expect to set up the trap and kill several rats every night, you will most likely be disappointed. This actually does happen in some cases, but many times it will take time to test the proper location and lure. If you are not having success with the chocolate or nut butter formula lure, we would recommend using a different bait lure such as peanut butter, dog food, or other baits the rats might be accustomed to eating in the area. The trap kit includes a DIY Lure Basket to formulate your own lures.

If your trap does not kill any rats or mice the right away and you give up, then you will be back to square one with your rodent problem. However, with some time and patience, you will be on your way to successful trapping.



I have used your trap on many different…

I have used your trap on many different jobs. And I have become an expert in the uses. My advice to others just trying this out is remember this is a new tool. And it is up to you to make it work.
5-star review
Trustpilot Review

Hasn’t worked in a month
I have roof rats have had this trap up in my attic with a camera for a month and so far none have been killed. I’m highly disappointed.
1-star review
Amazon Review

Rats may inhabit an attic or other places in your home, but it doesn’t mean they are finding their food source in the same location. Rats and mice only eat where they feel comfortable and safe. If they are not attracted to the trap lure, it may be because they are not used to eating in the particular lotion. The Lure Tasters mentioned above are a crucial step in detecting where rats are eating and determining the best location for your trap.

Remember, location, proper installation, and a competing food source are all important factors. Successful trapping takes time and patience. It is very possible to go a week or more without trapping anything, and start trapping once the rats seek out the new food source and are comfortable feeding in that location.



Thank you, Automatic Trap!
Hands down the best trap there is. Had a rat issue this summer in our shed and this trap worked like a dream. Would highly recommend. Thanks so much, Automatic Trap!
5-star review
Trustpilot Review


Bought two @ over $400.00 around two…
Bought two @ over $400.00 around two months are so. Killed only one mouse. Plenty of them. I don't think they care for the bait.
1-star review
Trustpilot Review

Not all rats are attracted to the same type of lure. Rats may be accustomed to different food sources in different areas, and not as hyper attractive to the chocolate lure included with the trap. For this reason, we include a convenient DIY Lure Basket so you can try different lures. Customers have had success with many different lures – including peanut butter and dog food. rat

It’s important to keep in mind that trapping does not always happen overnight. Rats and mice are intelligent animals and successful trapping requires patience and perseverance.

It's an amazing product. I have been able to get rid of rodents easily. The product has worked like none other in the market. I am loving the product and will recommend it to my family and friends.
5-star review
Amazon Review

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The Homeowners Guide To Catching Rats & Mice

Every year, rats and mice enter 20 million U.S. homes uninvited. They reproduce rapidly, and can cost thousands of dollars in damages and extermination costs. They can ruin equipment, spoil food and start fires by chewing on wires.

We’ve trapped millions (seriously, millions) of rats and mice and the knowledge of what it takes to achieve success is highlighted in this guide.

Homehowners Guide to Catching Rats


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