Goodnature Lure Tasters
Goodnature Lure Tasters

Goodnature Lure Tasters

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Goodnature Lure Tasters contain our chocolate, long-lasting, non-toxic lure and are the perfect tool to help you detect rodent activity and condition your rats and mice to the taste of our lure. Our Lure Tasters are available in all of our Goodnature trap kits to help ensure your #A24Success

They help increase your chances of catching your pests as once they taste our lure, they are sure to go looking for more. 

Just like our other lures, they are non-toxic and safe around pets and children. 

Lure Tasters:

  • 6x Lure Tasters with long-life chocolate formula lure for rats and mice
  • 6x pins to secure to a range of surfaces
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