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Professional Trapping Kit | 6-Pack

Professional Trapping Kit | 6-Pack

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A24 Professional Trapping Kit

The A24 Professional Trapping Kit gives professionals all the benefits of the A24 on a larger scale. It allows for constant control of rat and mouse pests while simultaneously securing your traps and making them accessible for professional maintenance. 


The Professional Trapping Kit contains the amazing A24 Rat & Mouse Trap and is designed for professional, discreet, and contained usage.

The A24 uses CO2 to power a humane but swift strike automatically resetting after each kill. Additionally, the A24 attracts rats and mice without the use of toxins with our toxin-free chocolate paste. It is trapping made safe, easy, quick, automatic and non-toxic! 

Trapping Support

Trapping isn't an exact science and can sometimes require a pragmatic approach. Our trapping experts are on hand to help you troubleshoot and trapping location and help you find the right combination of location, pre-feeding, and baiting to help you achieve success. 

Give us a ring at 1-877-992-8868 or email 

What's in the box

  • 6 x A24 Traps
  • 6 x Trap Enclosures
  • 6 x 50g Automatic Paste Pumps
  • 6 Digital Strike Counters
  • 6 x 16g CO2 Canisters
  • 2 x Trap Box Keys
  • 1x 200g Pre-Feed Paste Pouch
  • 1x Quick Start Guide 

Corporate Sales

Looking to purchase in large quantities for your business? Take advantage of our business pricing by visiting our Corporate Sales Page.

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Installing your home trapping Kit