You can be killing eagles without knowing

You can be killing eagles without knowing

Did you know that certain poisons silently claim the lives of majestic predators? It's a shocking reality that demands our attention. Statistics reveal that these magnificent birds, symbols of strength and freedom, are falling victim to indiscriminate poison use.

Let's take a closer look at how rat poisons work. Most rat poisons contain chemicals called anticoagulants. When animals consume a high dose of these substances, a tragic fate awaits them. Slowly but surely, they suffer from blood loss, leading to their eventual demise. Even a small amount of blood can be lethal over time.

Additionally, the poison itself has secondary effects, altering their behavior and making them vulnerable to accidents or predators. This is where the devastating impact of rat poisons on non-target animals becomes apparent.


Rat poisons can either kill rodents outright or impair them, making them easy targets for predators. In both cases, the poisoned rodents become meals for other animals, leading to secondary poisoning.

Predators that consume poisoned rodents suffer ill effects due to the high levels of poison they ingest. In fact, a single rodent can provide enough poison to kill the predator as well. This chain of events can disrupt ecosystems and worsen rodent problems if predator species that prey on rats are affected.

It's evident that most rat poisons come with inherent problems. Even within our homes, there are dangers of accidental ingestion by pets or children. And let's not forget about the extensive damage rat poisons cause to the environment. That's why it's crucial to opt for environmentally safe, toxin-free traps. These traps effectively solve rodent problems without creating additional issues.

All of these reasons and more are why it's better to use an environmentally safe, toxin-free, trap. These items are specially designed to take care of rodent problems without becoming an issue unto themselves. Though as with most rodent control options, the sooner you deploy it the more effective it'll be, so make sure that you decide on an environmentally-friendly method of rodent control as quickly as possible.

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