Letter of Appreciation From a Happy Trapper!

October 01, 2020 2 min read

A24 rat and mouse trap


We recently received a hand-written letter from a customer detailing his experiences with Automatic Trap — from the customer service call to setting up and using the product.  Read the letter below to hear what he had to say...


I am writing to tell you about my experience regarding the Goodnature A24 Rat Trap. After scouting out all the ACE Hardware stores in Marin, Sonoma, and Napa counties, I became frustrated and decided to call New York. I was able to speak with Linda Rithvixay, who appreciated my frustration at trying to locate the traps. She informed me of production issues due to COVID-19 and encouraged me to go online and order and sent me a $10.00 OFF coupon. 

I received a confirmation number dated 8-1-2020. Within a week, my order arrived. I was elated because the rats were overrunning my yard. I had earlier called a pest company to come set up traps to help rid my property of these varmints. Things did not seem to help very much, so I went online to find some other home remedies and that’s when I found Goodnature. I watched a few videos and I was sold. 


A24 Digital Strike Counter


Needing to go into the hospital for major heart surgery, I had to ask my brother-in-law to come by and set it up for me. However, I think he must have not set the Counter to “00”, so I called from the hospital and asked him to do so. I am not a modern techy so I can’t video, but I am writing to tell you that the counter registered “22” strikes. Finally, home after 10 days in recovery and fearing I was out of food bait/CO2s I called him up to install a new CO2 cartridge and reset the counter to “00”. Now I wait to see the results. 




I am extremely pleased to announce that I haven’t seen any rats running around my garden, compost bin, woodpiles, and my house. I am elated! I thank you for a fantastic product and will recommend your business. Yesterday, I sent my wife into Friedman’s Supply store and she said that they had gotten some traps in finally and she called to tell me that. I asked her to pick me up some CO2 cartridges. When she asked an employee to help her and find them, they were out. However, the persistent young woman scoured the shelves and found one hiding behind some other products. So, now I am a happy camper. Thanking you for a fantastic product and good personal [support].

- D.L.

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The Homeowners Guide To Catching Rats & Mice

Every year, rats and mice enter 20 million U.S. homes uninvited. They reproduce rapidly, and can cost thousands of dollars in damages and extermination costs. They can ruin equipment, spoil food and start fires by chewing on wires.

We’ve trapped millions (seriously, millions) of rats and mice and the knowledge of what it takes to achieve success is highlighted in this guide.

Homehowners Guide to Catching Rats


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