15 Reasons Why Removing Rats & Mice Can Save Your Home

June 12, 2019 3 min read

15 Reasons You Should Remove Rats & Mice

Guest blog from Green Rat Control

Of course, you want the nasty intruder out of your house, but rodent removal is a good idea for more than just the obvious reasons. Getting rid of a rat or mouse can help you prevent household issues and avoid serious health risks, ultimately saving your home.

Here are the top 15 reasons why removing rodents can save your home:

Establishing a safe perimeter

During professional rodent removals, experts conduct an inspection of the outside perimeter of your home. They'll look for any crevice, hole or crack that mice and rats could use as an entry point. Whether using a professional team or doing it yourself, it is crucial that you keep your home sealed up tight to keep rodent infestations from happening in the future.

Attic insulation

Attic insulation is an important part of your attic space and it can be quite expensive. Save yourself the cost of replacing it by dispatching rodents like the roof rat that will seek to destroy it.

Energy efficiency

Your attic space has a key role your in your home operation- regulating the heating and cooling. A house mouse will invade the attic seeking food, water, and shelter. When your attic becomes compromised by house mice, your energy efficiency becomes compromised too. You'll see a major spike in your monthly energy bill!

Automobile protection

Cold weather will drive house mice into the garage and even into your vehicles! They'll try nesting in your leather seating and getting warm in your engine.

Clean ventilation

Rats and mice are notorious for nesting in hard to reach places, including inside walls and in ductwork! The result is an ungodly foul odor that becomes carried through the ductwork and spread all throughout your home.

Major appliances

Ovens, refrigerators, entertainment centers, can all be wrecked by rodent droppings or gnawing!

Healthy space

In North America, and many parts of the world, mice, and rats are not just a nuisance but a serious health risk. They carry very harmful bacteria and contagious pathogens. These are some of the dangerous diseases carried by rodents:

  • Bubonic plague
  • Rat bite fever
  • Hantavirus
  • Salmonella


Removing your rodents goes beyond just getting the rodents out, it includes sanitization for further prevention. Decontamination and sanitizing your home will help keep rodent infestations from reoccurring.

Uncompromised food

Rat eats food

Image courtesy of GotPests?

Rodents often spread disease is by gaining access to your food sources in the kitchen and pantry. You need to use sturdy Tupperware to store food because Norway rats will gnaw through plastic bags and cardboard easily. Beware- contaminated food can cause more than just food poisoning!

Electrical wiring

All rodents have a habit of constantly gnawing, in part because their teeth are always growing. As they scuttle between walls, they'll be chewing up electrical wiring along the way. This can put you at risk of electrical fire!

Child & Pet Safety

Little girl with dog

Image courtesy of fetchpetcare.com

Because they contaminate food and spread disease, rodents cannot safely coexist with pets and children. A dog or cat's natural instinct may be to hunt down and kill the rodent but in the process, your pet could pick up harmful bacteria. Eco-friendly rodent control services are a must for homes with pets and children. A curious child could easily be hurt by a trap set for a rodent.

Secure storage

You saved it for a reason! Our storage often holds many sentimental and heirloom items. Unfortunately, storage spaces are isolated and a prime location for rodent infestation.

Shed care

When winter hits, a roof rat will seek shelter wherever it can- including your shed! Rodent infestations don't just happen inside your house, you need to protect the shed too!

Lawn upkeep

While plotting how to get inside, rodents will ravage your garden and hide in the woodpile. Removing rodents will also benefit your lawn care.

Peace of mind

When you have effective equipment or team up with a quality rodent removalcompany you can get peace of mind, knowing all procedures are safe and effective.

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The Homeowners Guide To Catching Rats & Mice

Every year, rats and mice enter 20 million U.S. homes uninvited. They reproduce rapidly, and can cost thousands of dollars in damages and extermination costs. They can ruin equipment, spoil food and start fires by chewing on wires.

We’ve trapped millions (seriously, millions) of rats and mice and the knowledge of what it takes to achieve success is highlighted in this guide.

Homehowners Guide to Catching Rats


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