How the A24 Works

The A24 Rat & Mouse Trap is not like other traps. Unlike traditional rodent control methods, the A24 is safe, automatic, non-toxic, and does not use any nasty poisons. They were a world first, so it’s no surprise if it’s a little confusing to understand how they work.




It All Starts With a Sniff

Like any good trap, it all starts with your lure. If the lure inside your trap doesn't smell fresh, you won't drum up any interest (no matter how good the trap is).

We’ve developed a specialized long-life lure, which when used in our Automatic Paste Pump can be dispersed over a period of six months. Because it’s constantly pushing out the fresh lure, it means the trap is always attractive to your targets.

As demonstrated in the illustration below, the rodent enters the A24 through the chamber at the bottom of the trap. Enticed by the lure, the rodent sticks its head up causing the trigger to trip and fire a pneumatic striker powered by CO2 instantly dispatching the rodent. Seconds after this, the A24 resets and is ready for the next rodent giving you constant control.



How the A24 Rat & Mouse Trap Works



The Live Trap

The design of the A24 trap was a long process with many years of research and development. The traps use CO2 gas , which allows the A24 to automatically reset.

When the canister is screwed into a Goodnature trap, the gas from within fills a chamber inside creating immense pressure. This is what gives the striker it’s bang!

Once the trap has fired, the valve which releases the gas shuts off and closes. The gas will refill and again the pressure will build, making your trap ready for the next strike.

As mentioned earlier, a thin wire sits in the chamber of the trap, this is the trigger. As the rodent climbs up towards the lure, it grazes the trigger and activates the release of gas, which releases the striker and dispatches the rodent. The striker is what does all the damage within an A24 trap. It’s a strong strike to the head of a pest, caught in the trap. This quick-kill method causes the rodent to be killed immediately.



The Reset

One of the best things about Goodnature traps is that they reset automatically. When the pressure has fully released, the striker returns to its starting position. Once the striker has retreated to its initial position, the chamber can refill with gas, raising the pressure within the trap and preparing it to strike again.

While it’s very different from a trap you may have worked with, in the past, Goodnature traps are a reliable, sustainable solution for your pest problem. If you’re interested in learning more, or have questions about your own trap - get in touch! We’d love to hear from you. You can email us at


A24 Rat & Mouse Trap

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Peace of Mind

We’ve done extensive testing to ensure that the striker in our A24 traps goes off every time, without fail. Whenever there is a pest in your trap, you can trust that the trap will do its job, the animal will not suffer, you aren't using nasty toxins, and that the trap will be ready to go for your next rat or mouse.

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