Resellers, Pest Control Organization, and Third Party Vendors

A24 Automatic Rat & Mouse Trap

If your organization is interested in reselling the A24 as well as supplies, please note the following requirements:

  • You must have a retail storefront and/or e-commerce website with a working shopping cart or:
  • You are a licensed Pest Control organization or technician.
  • You must include a Resale* or Tax Exemption Certificate and your Federal Tax ID (EIN) must be provided with your application.

*Please note: The State Tax Regulation requires we obtain a Certificate of Resale or Tax Exemption Certificate. Your application cannot be submitted without this information. (This is a different document than your selling permit.)

Automatic Trap Company reserves the right to deny distributor terms and pricing for any reason at any time.

Interested in becoming a reseller of Goodnature products, contact us to learn more!