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Non-Toxic, Self-Resetting Rat & Mouse Traps For Your Clients At Only $14.99/Month!

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Goodnature A24 Rat & Mouse Trap

The Goodnature A24 is a rat and mouse control system, ingeniously designed for constant control.

A24 Automatic Rat Trap

*For licensed Pest Control Operators only

Goodnature A24 Rental Program

Are you Interested in the Goodnature A24 for your pest control business? Our flexible rental program allows you to leverage the power of the A24 without purchasing the trap outright. If you've been waiting to try this incredible trap, this is the perfect opportunity.

For just $14.99/month (per trap) you can rent your own fleet of A24s, an effective non-toxic and humane alternative for clients looking to avoid rodenticides and inhumane trapping methods.

Free Shipping & No Long Term Contracts

Our rental program commitment is just $14.99/month with a 3-month minimum term. We'll cover the shipping to you and best of all, if you're not satisfied after 3 months, we will issue a no-hassle cancellation and cover the cost of shipping the traps back.


Trapper Package $14.99/Month

Our Trapper A24 rat and mouse trap package includes:
  • 1 Goodnature A24 Rat & Mouse Trap
  • 1 Goodnature Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Lure Basket
  • 1 Goodnature Digital Strike Counter
  • 1 Goodnature A24 Tree Mount (screws included)

*Does not include CO2 cartridge

Lure & CO2

Please note that CO2 cartridges will not be included in the rental program. Additionally, while our Trapper package includes a DIY Lure Basket that allows you to any bait formulation, our bio-attractant chocolate or nut butter formula lure and CO2 cartridges can be purchased from as well as other supplies and accessories that can improve success including our Goodnature Lure Tasters or A24 Portable Trap Stand.


"I feel like with the Goodnature™ Trap, you know for sure that it's working, and brings peace of mind not just to the customer but to the company as well. To know that you're using the latest and greatest. Instead of using a snap trap any customer could get at a store, we're using specialty equipment, and when using that with rodent knowledge, we have what makes control of pests a lot more successful."

Andrew Burress, Owner & Partner, Natura Pest Control

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