A COVID-19 Update From Automatic Trap & Goodnature

Goodnature products are designed and made in New Zealand

The Automatic Trap Company sources all Goodnature products directly from Goodnature in New Zealand. We repack and distribute throughout the US and Canada from the State of New York.

Goodnature has regular cleaning processes in place. As a precaution, they have increased the regularity of this to keep customers, and their staff, safe.

For ongoing updates and advice

There is often misinformation and uncertainty at times like this. With the situation changing daily, we recommend referring to the World Health Organization directly for the latest updates and advice around COVID-19.

Can Rats Carry Coronavirus?

It's not clear whether rats can carry COVID-19 or not. Our latest blog examines rats' ability to carry other coronaviruses and pathogens as well as some of the developing information about COVID-19.



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