Case Study - B&C ACE

Case Study:  B&C ACE Home Center Retail Sales w/ Automatic Trap Products

Working with Goodnature™ A24 Rat & Mouse Traps as a Pest Control Professional

B&C ACE Sells $2, 000+/ Monthly in Goodnature Traps & Supplies!

B&C ACE Home Center

Industry: Retail
Location: Grass Valley, California

Company Bio

B&C ACE has served the Grass Valley community for 78+ years! Their loyal customers return because of their friendly and helpful customer service, as well as an urge to support local business! After seeing the Automatic Trap at the ACE show in 2018, B & C ACE Home Center decided it was the perfect fit for their community. An area familiar with chicken coops, farms, livestock, and other factors that lean towards rodent activity.


How do you sell a $169.00 rat trap when it gets lost in the aisle with other pest control products?


With the support of Goodnature & Automatic Trap Company, B&C ACE instituted the trap and accessories in an end cap on the pest control aisle. The end cap not only displayed the product in the forefront, it also featured a customized video showing the unique trap in action and noting its exclusivity to B&C ACE in the area.


The outcome was resounding. Customers stopped dead in their tracks to watch the intriguing video. Sales of the product skyrocketed!

The B&C ACE team is now selling over $2,000 a month in Goodnature traps and accessories!

"Your best customer is the one with the basket full of rat traps. They're going to spend a small fortune on multiple tell them, hey, you've got $150 worth of traps in your basket. This is $169. This will do EVERYTHING for you. It's low maintenance. You don't have to check the trap - it's really easy. It's a pretty easy sell!"

-Mike Janousek, Owner
B&C ACE Hardware

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