Control Rodents Like Never Before with New Connected Technology

Control Rodents Like Never Before with New Connected Technology

Why is rodent control difficult?

Controlling rodents has never been an easy task. At first, you may spot a rat or mouse run through your yard and think nothing of it. A few days later, you may notice rodent droppings. Soon, you might find items in your shed, garage, or home with obvious signs of rodent damage. You may find chewed wires, holes in walls, food packaging torn open, and damage to other items rodents may use for nesting materials. In a very short time, you will realize you are dealing with not one – but many rodents.

Rodents such as rats and mice can often be challenging to trap. They are very clever, and contrary to what people may think, they don’t eat just anything. They are cautious of unfamiliar food. This is known as neophobia. A rat or mouse may smell new food, and take days or even weeks to determine if it is safe to eat. The rodent may take small tastes of the new food to determine its safety. Rats are especially known for this behavior and may also smell the breath of fellow rats to determine if they have been eating the unfamiliar food with no ill effects.

For these reasons, the proper rodent attractant paste is critical in successful rodent control. It is also important to determine where the rodents are comfortable feeding. This can be done using Lure Taster Cards and checking for bite marks. Once the location has been determined, a quick-kill trap can be placed and pre-feeding should also be done to increase the chances of rodents being attracted to the trap.

A24 Smart Trap Kit Rat & Mouse Trap

Rodent Control the Smart-er Way

The A24 Rat & Mouse trap is well known as an effective, quick-kill method of rodent control. The trap is non-toxic so it is a worry-free solution if you have children or pets. You also can rest assured that other wildlife will not be exposed to rodenticides directly, or by ingesting a dead rodent, which can cause secondary poisoning.

Our new A24 Smart Trap Kit offers even newer technology so the trap does all the hard work for you. The trap is so “smart” it resets itself automatically after each kill. The trap will keep the chocolate or nut butter rodent attractant paste fresh, and connects to your smart device with the Goodnature app to let you know what a rat or mouse has been killed. After 24 kills, the trap will send a reminder to replenish the CO₂ canister and rodent paste. In addition to being mostly self-sufficient, the traps come with an A-Class Humane rating.

Snap traps, rodenticides, and glue traps are cruel and unsafe around animals and children, and should always be avoided. These methods also leave behind dead carcasses that need to be disposed of. Dead rats or mice killed in the A24 trap can be safely eaten by wildlife, or easily disposed of with the portable trap stand included with the trap. With the new Smart Trap Kit, rodent control can be safe, effective, and worry free.

A24 Smart Trap Kit Rat & Mouse Trap

A24 Smart Trap Kit Features

A smart-er trap

The Smart Cap on our traps counts each pest your trap has killed and connects to the Goodnature smartphone app via Bluetooth. Kill notifications make sure you never miss a kill, while refill reminders make sure you don't forget those twice-a-year trap top ups. 

Designed to work anywhere

Developed from almost two decades of field testing, our traps have been proven to work anywhere rodents roam garage, attic, kitchen, backyard, barn or farm. It's even used in some of the world’s most fragile ecosystems to kill rodents and protect critically endangered species. 

100% toxin-free kills

Our rodent paste is designed to be irresistible to rats and mice, so they follow their noses up into your trap for a swift humane death. It's also 100% toxin-free, making it safe for kids, pets and other wildlife. It automatically dispenses over six months, because everyone's got better things to do than rebait their traps.


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