The CO2 Powered A24 Mousetrap by Goodnature

by Shawn Woods – Historic Hunter

Shawn Woods shows the A24 trap is also effective for mice.

A Rat & Squirrel Killing Machine

by Shawn Woods – Historic Hunter

The CO2 Gas Powered A24 Trap In Action.


Automatic Rat Trap Triumphs over City Rats

by jackdoggerdog

How to use the Goodnature A24 trap to successfully catch city rats.

57 New Tools!

by jimmydiresta

Jimmy Diresta features the A24 trap in his New Tools segment.


My Best Traps Catching Rat Pests

by jackdoggerdog

Review of the best rat traps — featuring the A24 Automatic trap.

Deadly Automatic Trap vs. Urban City Rats

by jackdoggerdog

My quick review of the A24 CO2 powered rodent trap.

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