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A24 Outdoor Trapping Kits | 5 Pack

A24 Outdoor Trapping Kits | 5 Pack

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What’s better than one A24 Rat and Mouse trap? Multiple A24 Rat and Mouse traps. Building a network of traps broadens your constant control to protect more of your habitat and assets. A well-set network keeps rats under control all year round and remains ready to strike inevitable invaders.

Priced at a bulk rate, Goodnature 5 Packs are great value. They bundle together 5 traps and include 6 months of trapping supplies for each trap.


We stand for solutions that are effective, humane as well as being easy and safe to use. Our traps are designed to target specific pests, nothing else.

Made to Last
Our traps, trap stands, gas canisters, counters and pastes are designed to last in indoor spaces through to the tough outdoor conditions of wild places.

Our traps automatically reset themselves and dispense fresh paste for six months. You’ll catch up to 24 rats or mice before you need to reset.

Constant control
Our traps keep on top of pests for you, killing them one after another, so you can get back to doing the things you love.

Easy to Use
We’ve done a whole lot of head-scratching so you don’t have to - our traps are easy to set up and move around, indoors and out.

When it comes to being humane, our traps have been independently tested and meet the highest international standards.

Please note, Automatic Trap and Goodnature warranties are only valid through Automatic Trap & Goodnature’s official web properties as well as authorized third-party resellers. Don’t get fooled by imposters, make sure you are purchasing from a trusted source.

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