A18 Gray Squirrel Trap

A18 Gray Squirrel Trap

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Thank you for your interest in the Goodnature A18 Gray Squirrel Trap. Demand for the trap has been tremendous. We've heard from customers across North America looking for a humane and non-toxic solution to their squirrel problems.

Starting in early April, we received a flood of A18 demand correlating with the release of Shawn Woods excellent video review.

A18 Restrictions

While we believe the A18 is the optimal way to remove gray squirrels, there are a variety of rules and regulations state by state that have hindered us from selling the product nationally. These include al-fresco, as well as the individual state protection laws of squirrels as native species.

Simply put, at this time, we are unable to sell the A18 across the United States directly to consumers.

Thanks Again!

We want to thank you for your patience with us and rest assured if anything changes regarding the distribution of the A18, you will be the first to know!



Please be informed that we cannot cancel an order once it has already shipped. If you would like to cancel an order after it has shipped, contact our customer service team for further instruction.