_Gift_Automatic Paste Pump Replenishment Pack - Nut Butter

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  • Rat and Mouse Paste Pump & CO2 Canister Set - Goodnature’s Automatic Paste Pump and Carbon Dioxide Canister are the perfect tools for your trapping system; Each CO2 canister provides your trap with the strength it needs to instantly kill pests while automatic pumps deliver fresh lure to continuously attract rodents for months
  • Carbon Dioxide Canister - Goodnature’s compressed CO2 canisters provide the ultimate power for your mouse traps; The canisters power up your mouse traps to strike rat and mouse pests.
  • Safe for Home & Garden - Our paste is safe for the entire family; The nut butter paste formula attracts rodents without the use of nasty chemicals or needless suffering; Safe for pets and birds
  • Set & Forget System - The automatic paste pump aims to reduce trap checking from 12 to just 2 times a year; Once installed and activated in your A24 traps, the automatic pump will steadily deliver fresh Nut Butter paste for months
  • About Us - Goodnature products are meant to help you get rid of pests - rats and mice for starters - in an efficient, quick and easy way; Our products help you get rid of nasty pests in a kindly manner, without using dangerous toxins for your pets and livestock