Crow Makes a Sandwich With A Mouse & Two Pieces of Bread

Crow Makes a Sandwich With A Mouse & Two Pieces of Bread

#SandwichCrow making a sandwich with a scavenged mouse and two pieces of bread.

Life... Finds A Way

Animals that co-exist with humans have to be highly adaptable and take advantage of anything they can. We all remember viral sensations like Trash Pandas and #PizzaRat  while these were amazing glimpses into the animal kingdom#SandwichCrow is taking things to a whole other level. 

In this incredible video submitted by a Goodnature user, a crow seamlessly makes a sandwich with two pieces of bread and a scavenged mouse as the star of the dish. 

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Fencepost Feeding

The video was submitted to us from Sonoma, California, where an A24 user has attempted to train local birds to feed on the rat and mouse remains from their A24 trap. 

At first glance, it seems to be nothing out of the ordinary, the crow approaches the fencepost where it has become accustomed to finding a free meal, however if you look closer, you will notice the crow brought it's own bread to the party to create itself a more appetizing snack. A mouse sandwich.

The crow fumbles around the mouse and the bread until pleased with it's sandwich artist creation and flies away into the horizon to enjoy it's lunch!

The Sonoma resident who captured the action on camera started by placing rat and mouse remains on a fencepost of their property, recording the action to see what happened. 



Crow scavenges dead mice left on fencepost from Goodnature A24 user

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Sandwich Artist

It wasn’t long before local birds took notice and started visiting the fencepost as a feeding hotspot. Despite this, it’s not an everyday occurrence to see a crow making a sandwich. 

We asked the Goodnature user about the sandwich making crow... “Incredible. You see things like this online and social media, but it’s usually in the city where a piece of pizza or a burger are around. Not in your backyard and a wild animal making a sandwich.” He still has no idea where the bread came from and was just as surprised to see a bird putting together a sandwich as the rest of us.

The fencepost has been visited by a variety of different birds including vultures, jay hawks, crows, etc...

Birds Scavenging Mice From The Goodnature A24 Rat & Mouse Trap

The Goodnature A24

Because the A24 uses no toxins, the remains are free to be scavenged by wildlife without the fear of secondary poisoning or having pets, children or livestock being threatened. A24 users have a tradition of generating user content as setting up a camera helps monitor your trapping area and improve success.  

Goodnature A24 User Generated Content

As for the A24 user who produced the crow video, they plan to keep the feedings rolling and see what other amazing moments they can capture. “My A24 keeps catching em’, so I’m happy to keep the local birds fed and see what other crazy things nature has to offer.


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