A24 Rat & Mouse Outdoor Trapping Kits | 5 Pack

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  • What’s better than one A24 Rat and Mouse trap? Multiple A24 Rat and Mouse traps. Building a network of traps broadens your constant control to protect more of your habitat and assets. A well-set network keeps rats under control all year round and remains ready to strike inevitable invaders.

  • Sniff Sniff

    Priced at a bulk rate, Goodnature 5 Packs are great value. They bundle together 5 traps and include 6 months of trapping supplies for each trap.

    For more information about the benefits of Goodnature networks and how to go about it, see our Videos and Support sections on this website.

    If you would like to order large volumes of traps for your projects, please contact us.

    We ship the same day or next business day from New York State via UPS ground or USPS.

  • 5-Pack
    • 5 x A24 self-resetting rat and mouse traps
    • 5 x A24 Trap mounts
    • 10 x 16g CO2 gas canisters
    • 5 x Automatic Paste Pump Chocolate Formula 
    • 5 x Lure Taster Card Packs
    • 5 x Quick Start Guides

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