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    Rodents can cause serious harm to your health and irrevocable damage to your property. If you're looking for a toxin-free and automatic solution to control your rat or mouse population, The Goodnature® Home Trapping Kit might be exactly what you're looking for. The Home Trapping Kit contains everything you need to keep constant control of your rodent population without the use of nasty toxins or cruel trapping methods.

  • The Home Trapping Kit starts with the incredible Goodnature® A24 Rat & Mouse Trap. 

    The A24 is a unique Rat & Mouse Trap that automatically resets, uses a toxin-free chocolate bio-attractant paste and is a certified humane trapping unit. 

    The A24 isn't powered by electricity nor does it have to be reset after every strike. The A24 trap is powered by a CO2 canister that provides 24 strikes per cartridge. Once your trap is armed it will automatically reset after each strike, meaning no more need to check your traps every day!

    The Home Trapping Kit also includes our A24 Portable Trap Stand. This allows the trap to become portable, eliminating the need to de-gas when changing locations of your trap. This portability is key when first setting your trap up. Finding the right combination of location and paste will be paramount to your success! Additionally, the A24 Portable Trap Stand doubles as a handy disposal device, so you don't have to get your hands dirty when cleaning up!

    Like all great traps, it all starts with the paste. The A24 is no different — that's why we've included the Automatic Paste Pump (ALP) to ensure that your trap stays appealing to mice and rats for up to 6 months at a time. The ALP works by slowly releasing our chocolate formula lure, making sure your trapping area is always fresh and attractive to your rodent pests. The lure is toxin-free meaning you don't have to worry about secondary poisoning and long-lasting giving you constant control for months at a time.

    The Home Trapping Kit also includes 6 Lure Tasters. These helpful cards can help pinpoint rodent activity and help pre-feed your trapping area by getting your rats and mice accustomed to our paste.

    Our Quick Start Guide (included in Home Trapping Kit) has everything you need to get started. Our step-by-step instructions take you through setting up and arming your trap, as well as using Lure Tasters and pre-feeding to achieve optimal results.

    Outdoor Trapping?

    Trapping outdoors in an area with high scavenger activity? Consider purchasing the Home Trapping Kit w/ Digital Strike Counter instead. The Digital Strike Counter is a digital readout that lets you know when your trap has been triggered and how many rodent pests have been dispatched. Additionally, it takes the guesswork out of rearming your trap. When your strike counter hits 24, its time to replace your CO2 cartridge to keep your trap armed and ready!

    Trapping Support

    Trapping isn't an exact science and can sometimes require a pragmatic approach. Our trapping experts are on hand to help you troubleshoot and trapping location and help you find the right combination of location, pre-feeding, and baiting to help you achieve #A24Success

    Give us a ring at 1-877-992-8868 or email support@automatictrap.com 

  • Home Trapping Kit without Counter

    *Does not contain an A24 Tree Mount