Help Spread Awareness About Secondary Poisoning, Cruel Trap Methods & The Goodnature A24

Help Spread Awareness About Secondary Poisoning, Cruel Trap Methods & The Goodnature A24

Thank you for purchasing the Goodnature A24 Automatic Trap, if you would like to help us spread awareness about this powerful, quick-kill, toxin-free, and self-resetting trapping toolas well as the perils of secondary poisoning, and inhumane rodent dispatch methods, there are a variety of different ways to help!

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Many animals exposed to Secondary Poisoning are pets, raptors and even endangered species like San Joaquin kit foxes.

Here’s What You Can Do To Help:

Write a Product Review on Amazon or Trustpilot

Have you purchased at A24 Automatic Trap? We’d love to hear your feedback and see your review on Trustpilot or Amazon. By reviewing our products, you can help educate others about our safe, non-toxic and quick-kill trapping option. Safe trapping without rodenticides means non-targeted animals will not be wrongly exposed to poisons and suffer unnecessary death.

Writing a review also gives us feedback to improve both our product set and customer service. Additionally, it creates authenticity through word of mouth, to other businesses and homeowners in the same position that you were in. You want to solve your rodent problem in a swift and quick-kill manner, without the use of poisons. Reviews are the new barbershop or watercooler! Help spread the word by writing a review

Join Our Mailing List

Get updates about the latest product features, discounts, and stories from the field when you join our mailing list. It is the easiest way to receive updates from our team. You can join our list by scrolling to the bottom of any page on our website. 

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

When you follow us on Instagram, and Twitter, you are staying informed about safe trapping and important issues regarding new developments on rodenticide and other rodent control issues. You are also helping by sharing this information with your social media contacts. Our social media team shares stories of Goodnature traps being used in ecology efforts, health-related rodent issues, and any new news regarding Goodnature products. 

Share our Content with People on Local Social Media Apps such as Nextdoor

Local community platforms like Nextdoor help keep your neighbors informed about ways to keep the neighborhood safe. Stopping the use of rodenticides will help protect pets, children and wild animals from secondary poisoning. Additionally, sharing our story with your neighbors shows them that there are other options besides cruel snap and glue traps. 


Make a Video or Send us Footage!

With the Goodnature A24, seeing is truly believing. It's one thing to explain the trap, but another altogether to see it in action! Set up a game or security camera and monitor your trap. This will not only help with trapping success and troubleshooting, but you can also send us your footage to feature on our social media channels. Some of our most successful videos are completely customer sourced. If you would like to send us some footage or have questions about setting up cameras contact us here.



Take Notice of your Surroundings & Look for Black Boxes Containing Rat Poison

Make note of areas around businesses, parks and other locations actively using these rat poison boxes. Contact the businesses to let them know these boxes can be harmful to other animals and there are safer trapping alternatives.

Write Your Government About Rodenticides & Secondary Poisoning

By contacting your local government, you are making your voice heard. Share this information with your friends and social media to help others become aware of new laws or actions concerning rodenticides.

Use Your Voice

Lastly, we ask that you share your knowledge by word of mouth to family, friends, and colleagues. There are many people out there who are unaware of problems such as secondary poisoning or the cruelty of snap or glue traps. Let them know about the Goodnature A24 and that there is an alternative that can stop the cycle of cruelty and senseless poisoning. 

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