5 Natural Predators Of The Rat


Many people often ask us, “What animals naturally eat rats?” While there are a plethora of rat predators out there, the domestic options are not as effective as many people think. So before you put Fluffy to work eradicating your rodent problem, check out our list to learn about the most prolific predators of the rat, excluding humans of course.

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Clear Signs That You Have A Rat Problem

It almost does not matter where you live or work, whether in the city, in the suburbs or out in the rural country: You may find yourself dealing with rodent problems from time to time. 

There are specific reasons for this, some of which you can do something about to avoid a rat infestation in the first place.

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How Rat Poisons Can Harm Other Animals

Getting rid of a rat infestation with poison will reduce their population but at a tremendous cost to other living things, from the most inconsequential insect to pets and children. Because of the drugs that manufacturers use to eradicate rodents, the risks of secondary poisoning when using poisoned baits for rats are high. Even though it’s legal to use poisonous baits for rats, history can teach us a lesson about the long-term risks regarding the now outlawed DDT.

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Best Baits You Can Use to Trap Rats

One of the biggest frustrations in trying to trap rats is identifying the right bait for the job at hand. We often hear people say they’ve tried it all, but have had little luck in reliably attracting rodents to a trap.

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5 Keys to Rat-Trapping Success

For homeowners across the country, one of the most frustrating aspects of having a rat problem is how challenging it can be to effectively get rid of these rodents. We’ve heard from countless people who have struggled for weeks, months, or longer to get rid of rats using snap or glue traps, poison, and other techniques. But it seems that no matter how hard they try, and how many supplies they purchase, those pesky rodents keep returning.

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How to Identify What Type of Rat You Have


If you’re experiencing a rat problem, it’s understandable that you want the creatures out of your home as quickly as possible. If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve probably assumed that all rat traps are basically the same—right?

You might be surprised to learn that there are actually more than 50 subspecies of rats, each with its own physical characteristics, behavioral traits, and in many cases, specific diet. Understanding some of the most common types of rats can help you to identify what kind of rat you’re dealing with—which can go a long way toward ridding your home of them for good.

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4 Ways a Rat Can Kill You


Rats are more than just an annoyance. They can cause irreversible damage to your property—and even kill you. How? Not for the faint of heart, here are four ways a rat can kill you and what you can do to avoid that outcome.

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5 Animals Used For Rodent Solutions


Humans and rodents have lived in relatively close quarters for centuries. On occasion, as they do today, the rats or mice would get a little too close for comfort, and the humans would have to take steps to reclaim their space.

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6 Reasons Why We Should Care About Rats


With rats, there is always more than meets the eye. They’re not just instinct-driven pests determined to infest your property. They’re actually very social, smart, and emotional creatures. As part of the largest family of mammals on the planet—the rodent family makes up more than 40 percent of all mammals—rats are here to stay. If you have a rat problem, think about investing in a humane rat trap, because rats deserve your respect just as any animal does. Here are six reasons you should care more about rats:

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4 Non Humane Rat Trap Solutions That Waste Time and Money


Discovering a rat problem in your home can be extremely stressful. It’s no wonder most homeowners turn to the four most common rat traps to try to take care of the infestation quickly: snap traps, glue traps, poison, and rat “zappers.”

But these solutions have several inherent problems. First of all, they cause a painful, often lengthy death for the poor rodent. It’s not as if you want to torture these creatures; you just don’t want them in your home anymore. To make matters worse, these common traps aren’t actually very effective at fixing rat problems, so using them often results in a waste of time and money.

Here, we count down four of the most commonly used non-humane rat trap solutionsand why you should avoid them.

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