How To Tell If Your Dog Ate Rat Poison

No matter your reasoning for using rat poison, the health and wellness of you and your dog comes first. Dogs are naturally curious creatures. Accidents can and will happen when using rodenticides.

If you are concerned that your canine may have gotten a bit too curious, please take a moment to read through our guide to find what symptoms to look for and what you can do to protect your pup from future accidents.

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How Rat Poisons Can Harm Other Animals

Getting rid of a rat infestation with poison will reduce their population but at a tremendous cost to other living things, from the most inconsequential insect to pets and children. Because of the drugs that manufacturers use to eradicate rodents, the risks of secondary poisoning when using poisoned baits for rats are high. Even though it’s legal to use poisonous baits for rats, history can teach us a lesson about the long-term risks regarding the now outlawed DDT.

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