Automatic Lure Pump Instructions

Click here for our ALP Instructions downloadable PDF.

A24 Automatic Lure Pump



Remove the 10c coin from the top. This activates the lure dispensing ALP technology which will last for 6 months. Pocket your coin for a 10c discount on your next Goodnature purchase.

Goodnature Automatic Lure Pump



With the ALP activated, use your thumbs and forfingers to shape the ALP into the shroud cap’s form. It will be a tight fit.

NOTE: Be careful not to push it in too far. Align the ALP so that the skirting sits about 3mm proud of the shroud cap rim so it can screw into the LURE CRADLE thread.

ALP Automatic Lure Pump


Remove Lid

Now remove the LURE CAP. A small amount of lure may be forced out. If so, use this as pre-feed by wiping the excess lure below the trap to attract any hungry rodents.

A24 rat/mouse trap


Secure ALP

Lightly place the shroud cap with the ALP into the LURE CRADLE and screw it two full clockwise rotations. This ensures the ALP is screwed into the lure cradle firmly.

A24 rat/mouse trap


Secure Shroud Cap

Once the ALP is screwed into the LURE CRADLE, apply light downward force on the SHROUD CAP until it engages with the thread and screw until tight. The ALP is now set and active!


You will need to remove and replace your ALP when it reaches 6 months of use.

Once activated and installed do not remove the shroud cap and check the ALP. Handling the ALP after its installed can lead to accidental squeezing out of lure (when not needed).

There’s no need to return to your trap to pre-feed. The ALP does that for you. Record the date you installed and 6 month replacement date. Its that simple!

A24 Automatic Lure Pump

Save Time And Birds

The Goodnature Automatic Lure Pump (ALP) delivers Chocolate Formula Long Life Lure continuously over 6 months. This means your Goodnature A24 rat control networks now need only 2 visits per year to achieve the same total and constant suppression of rats. Simply set your A24s, install the ALPs, screw in the CO2 canisters, then walk away knowing your traps are now constantly attractive and ready to strike introduced pests.

A24 rat/mouse trap


Goodnature Chocolate Formula Lure has been proven over thousands of hectares by DOC, Councils and Community Groups to control rats to undetectable levels in A24 traps. In standard lure bottles the chocolate formula was at it’s most effective when refreshed monthly which requires traps to be checked 12 times per year. The ALP means you now need.

just 2 checks per year to achieve those same incredible results. Trapping with this system requires less than 8% of the labour DOC best practice requires for traditional rat trapping.

It’s up to you what you do with all that spare time: expand your project, spend more time bird watching, controlling weeds, planting trees and educating the next generation, or just sit back and relax knowing the latest technology leap in pest control is working while you sleep.

A24 Automatic Lure Pump
A24 Automatic Lure Pump
A24 Automatic Lure Pump