Automatic Trap Company Inc.

Founded in 2016, Automatic Trap Company Inc. is the exclusive North American distributor for the Goodnature™ Company of New Zealand.

We do not hate rats and mice. We hate suffering. We hate environmental destruction. Rats and Mice thrive mostly because of us — they feed on garbage, farm by-products and other human-created food sources. Unfortunately, killing them is often necessary. That said, there is a right way and lots of wrong ways to go about it.

Glue traps are cruel, medieval devices that subject rodents to unspeakable horror. Snap traps can often fail to kill quickly, and only work on mice or rats — not both. Poison is a slow, painful death and not just for the pest; Predator birds and other wildlife eat the dead or dying rodents then become poisoned themselves. All of these methods also expose children and pets to risk of harm.

Goodnature’s™ automatic trap technology is the right way. It is certified humane, it automatically resets to dispatch one pest after another, it’s toxin free, and safer than any other pest control method.

Every trap we ship means less suffering and a better world.

Automatic Trap Company Inc.
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